Medicinal Cannabis

Akaluck Biotech initial aim is to manufacture
specialist medicinal cannabis
Akaluck Biotech is licensed by the
Office of Drug Control

Akaluck Biotech aim is to manufacture specialist medicinal cannabis of different varieties and strains that help improve the quality of life in patients globally.

Akalucks long term objective is to develop a vertically integrated operation that will cover all key elements in the supply chain of Akalucks medical cannabis product range, from plant propagation, harvesting and manufacture ready for dispensing. Our initial will focus is on manufacturing of Medical Cannabis.

Why Medicinal Cannabis ?

The Cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years to reduce pain and help people heal illness and disease. As a result of the effectiveness of this natural substance in relieving pain, reducing pain symptoms and certain diseases, many countries have now made cannabis legally available.
Akaluck purpose is to supply people globally with premium quality Medicinal Cannabis products.

Akaluck Products

Akaluck Biotech has a facility that is currently developing a number of medicinal cannabis products using a variety of cannabis flower strains. For further information please contact us.


Our purpose build facility is over 7300 square metres allowing for over 3600 square metres of indoor controlled manufacture. We are committed to the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques to ensure Akaluck can provide high quality pharmaceutical products.
Our facility has been designed to maximise our operation to provide low cost, high quality, and environmentally friendly, safe and highly efficient medicinal products to the global markets.
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Akaluck Biotech will produce medicinal cannabis products suitable for medicinal treatment within the guidelines of ODC and Australian Government, for both international export and local distribution in Australia.


The medicinal cannabis markets are growing rapidly, and global market turnover is expected to grow to over US$ 56 Billion. Akaluck Biotech is open to new investment opportunities or partnerships to meet future growth and demand.
To find out about investing or partnering with Akaluck please get in touch.

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