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Most customer support & success teams struggle to maintain a centralised knowledge base and provide good quality self-service through scale.

Knowledge Bird’s training and consulting options help your team change how they solve problems, so employees are more engaged and customers are happier.

How I Can Help You


Increase confidence

Learn how to lead and motivate your team to improve practices and increase value.

Reduce costs

Your knowledge base can become an effective training tool and self-service channel.

Improve productivity

Solving problems with knowledge speeds up resolution times and increases first-time fixes.

Increase customer satisfaction

When your support and success teams are engaged, your customers are productive and happy.

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Keys to a kickass knowledge base

6-week self-study program + coaching


Learn how to help your customers find the answers they need


Work through the program with your team at your pace


Includes worksheets and a full coaching session

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For customer success and service delivery leads


For improvements to practices and processes


Knowledge Centered Service and Intelligent Swarming

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